What size of bikes is best for your child?

We have to say that there aren’t one-size-fits-all bikes in the market so it’s really important to choose one that can match with your child. So here is some information and tips as well that you can use in order to choose the best Schwinn balance bike. There are 3 things you should consider or measure:

  • Child’s inseam (floor to crotch with shoes on!)
  • Child’s height
  • The height and the range of bike handle bar

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Benefits of team sports for individuals

Nowadays, there are different types of outdoor sports. Take a deeper look, these sports all have the particular feature which helps individuals to recognize them just through a first glance. For example, individuals often prepare one high-quality bike for their cycling process. Or softball requires you to bring up some best softball bats during the games.

However, all of these sports have one similarity is that they are the sports that require team collaboration. So what type of outdoor activity is known as the team sport and what benefits do these sports bring to you. Let’s take a glimpse of this article.


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How to stimulate the musical sense of young children?

For children, the music plays an important role in the development and fostering of soul and intellect. In addition, music is also one of the factors that helps stimulate the imagination, creative thinking, increase the ability to feel subtle and help children express their feelings in the natural way.

Therefore, most parents often encourage children to play the musical instruments to develop this talent. For those who love to improve the sound, parents don’t forget to give them one best delay pedals to create the better when playing instrument, especially the guitar.


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How can cycling help you lose weight effectively?

Cycling – it is one of the major challenges when the today’s modern life is full of high technology and innovations. This is a sport which is suitable for everyone, regardless of ages and genders. To illustrate, parents as well as adults have one normal bike for practicing day by day. Children are now given one convenient vehicle as the balance bike stimulating their height, according to some balance bike reviews.

Benefits of cycling properly

However, if you apply cycling in a most appropriate way, it seems to be the best exercises that you will get great results. Offering the methods to lose weight effectively by making various body movement, cycling helps burn more calories, improve mental health and comfort. Therefore, you will lose weight fast while cycling properly. Continue reading


If you want to spend time with your children, it would be best to take part in some kinds of out-door activities. However, you should make up your mind carefully when decide where to go and what to do. There are plenty of activities you can do that can provide great memories –  and don’t forget to collect treasure for your craft box wherever you go too Therefore in this article, we will give you some helpful recommendations.


1. Go on a picnic

This is a very common things to do with family. You can have a picnic on the outskirt or a near-by town. A change of place will bring lots of new and exciting experience. There’s plenty things to do, you can set lots of games and challenges along the way and reward them with a small treat once you get home. For example, on the road trip, you can try the guessing games, observation games and the music games. When get to the destination, you can play “Clap and catch”, “Treasure hunt” – which I highly recommend, “Blanket volleyball” and “Truth or dare”. All these will help to warm up the atmosphere. Don’t forget to take a lot of photo as you can to preserve every memorable moment.

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7 Rules to follow in a climb

Mountaineering is an attractive activity, yet it is dangerous and risky, no one can deny that. According to thedailybeast.com, 6 people have died on their climb on Mount Everest in 2012 and approximately 200 deaths  have been recorded on the peak’s treacherous slopes of this mountain. Some people may find that its danger makes mountaineering more exciting. Contrary to those, many other people fear its riskiness and that affects their determination of climbing. If you have a plan of going climbing, below are some rules that you need to follow in order to reduce risk.


1. Consider the weather

Weather is the factor that have the most effect on your mountaineering. Your satisfaction level as well as your safety all depend on the weather condition. You have much time before you start, so make sure you have understood the weather well and chosen the right time. Rainy season is not a wise selection because it affect the progress of the journey. Moreover, it is easier to fall in wet weather than in dry one and wetness may put you in bad mood. You must watch local weather forecast to choose the right day to start the journey. Dry season months are the good choice.

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Preparing for a safe mountain climbing


Mountaineering  is one of the most exciting outdoor activities that attracts many people. Thousands of people come to mountains to have a climb every year, because it is not only a kind of sport, but also a type of tourism. If you have a plan of going climbing, it is vital for you to be well-prepared about mountaineering. There are 6 advices that may help you:

1. Searching information

Before going climbing, you have to search information about your destination. This is an integral step. Books and internet are two useful sources for you to consult. While  searching information, there are some points that you have to note:

  • Topography: such asmountain’s slope and the soil type. It will let you know that whether the climb is safe or dangerous and whether it is easy to slip when it’s rainy or not.
  • Climate: the overall climate of the mountain, and the weather in different time of the year. By that way, you can choose the appropriate months for the climb.

Besides, you may want to know the history and the stories of the mountain that you are going to climb to make your adventure more fun. Moreover, it is the number of accidents  happened at the mountain that you have to care about, so that you will be on full alert.

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Nowadays people – especially kids, spend most of their time at home rather than going outside. If this keep happening, their life will be impoverished bit by bit and, lose contact with the natural environment and people would be more reluctant disengagement or  become anti-social behaviors. It’s time they took part in outdoor activities, which offer numerous benefits.


1.    Physical Benefits

Playing outdoor – whether it’s simply hanging out at the museum, having breakfast at the park or playing sports such as golf, soccer, badminton, etc – can make the body stronger.  Many research have pointed out that regular outdoor activities are extremely beneficial to health; for instance, lower blood pressure, reduced arthritis pain, weight loss and certain cancers, etc. One of the most obvious advantages that outdoor activities bring us is that it directly impacts on obesity and health in later life. If you want to live a strong and healthy life, make sure you are not the type that consider going outside as a waste of time.

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6 steps to have a memorable meteor shower watching


Among many beautiful natural phenomenons, meteor shower may be considered as the most expected and fantastic celestial phenomenon every year. Shooting stars, or meteors, according to Jpl.nasa.gov, are known as the fiery end of tiny visitors from space. Those streaks of light across the night sky are nothing more than small to almost-microscopic pieces of space debris whose trip through the void has ened in a kamikaze run into the Earth’s atmosphere. Every year there are many small to big meteor showers, so the chances of watching them are not rare. In order to have a memorable meteor shower watching, it is highly recommended that you follow 6 steps below:

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